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The Egnut Business Group

At we specialize in online business. We have unique systems and services to help individuals and businesses to get online and then get found online.

Broadly our business activites are split into three areas.

1) Hosting and domain sales

We offer unlimited hosting for $3 per month per domain, and competitively priced domain names, all served from an easy to use and manage control panel.

more about Hosting and Domain Name Sales

2) Web Design and Corporate Identity

We offer website and corporate design services, for all types of business, all around the world. Our innovative site promotion service provides businesses with a consistent ongoing link buiding strategy.

more about Web Design and Site Promotion


3) "Best Seller" Web Promotion SEO

We have set up a service to promote websites through building their online link presence. Each inbound link is like a vote for your site to the search engines. Top Value Service!!!!!

We recognize that for most businesses link building is right down the priority list. This means that, if the task gets done at all, it is only rarely, and in a rush, instead of consistently and methodically. We have developed a service where you can be sure you are getting your site sent to potential "voters" each and every working day.

Efficiencies in our business, through a combination of a UK and Foreign workforce, mean we can provide amazing value.

more about our Affordable Website Promotion Service